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A crystal charging station is any crystal slab or space used to energize or cleanse other crystals or jewelry. Most charging stations are made of selenite, a crystal that is very abundant and found in places like Canada, Germany, Morocco and many more.

Selenite is a form of gypsum and is also known as satin spar, desert rose, or gypsum flower. It is a clear brital crystal that has very light bearing qualities. Most believe that Selenite has the ability to clear heavy and negative energy from, people, items, spaces and other crystals.

Crystal charging stations have the ability to charge and rejuvenate other crystals. All one needs to do when charging your crystals is to leave them on the charging station for 24 hours.

Charging stations are merely away of giving your crystals a clean energy surface to charge on when trying to revitalize the energy already abundant in your crystals. For the best practices of charging your crystals with a charging station use some or all of the methods below.

How to charge your crystals

  • The Sun method: Place your crystals on a charging station in direct sunlight. The Sun is male in nature and is the source of giving energy. Therefor your crystals are benefiting from whatever energy that the sun is able to give.
  • The Moon Method: This is not necessarily charging your crystals but cleansing them. It would be best practice to cleanse any negative energy from your crystals before charging them. As the sun is a giver, the moon is female and a receiver. So leave the crystals out on the charging station during a full moon. this should be done in the full 24 hour cycle so that your crystals are fully cleansed, refreshed and fully charged.

Buying Crystal Charging Stations

Here are a few charging stations that we found to be excellent and very effective in helping to charge your crystals.

Charged 3″ Selenite Disc Plate — Polished Flat Crystal Charging Station Powerful Healing Energy Reiki by ZENERGY GEMS

This charging station is great for smaller crystals and is made of a Satin spar. ZENENERGY GEMS is a very reputable company if looking into other crystal products as well.

“ rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Click to purchase The Charged 3″ Selenite Disc plate

Beverly Oaks Energy Infused Selenite Crystal Slab — Selenite Charging Station for Healing Crystals — Large Selenite Stick

This is a simple but effective charging station. And sense it is made of a base crystal selenite it charges and cleanses. Make sure that you follow the above guidelines for charging and cleansing however.

Click to purchase the Beverly Oaks Energy Infused selenite Crystal slab

Chakra Rox Reiki Charged 6-inch Hexagonal Moroccan Selenite Charging Station Flat Crystal Plate Tray for Chakra Balance Healing

Need something a little bigger? Then you’re in fortune. Considered to be the best selenite, this Morocco selenite charging station offers a bigger surface, charging and cleansing properties as well as a nice hexagonal shape for those of you who are into aesthetics and sacred geometrical properties.

Click here to purchase the Chakra Rox Reiki Hexagonal Moroccan Charging station!

Do you have other methods of charging your crystals. We are sure you are right and would love to hear about it. Make sure you leave a comment below and let us know how we are doing. Thanks so much and have a blessed day!

Originally published at https://fourthinitiate.com on May 11, 2019.



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