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What happens during a Spiritual Awakening — everything about your concept about work-life, friends, society and social norms begins to change and you start to become more cognoscente of the spiritual realm and things that are greater than you. Most people who go through a spiritual awakening go through a causality of life which is alien to them; a toxic relationship, a bad job or financial ruin. This is not abnormal, it is the universe telling you that it is time to think about that which is above the realm of the lower levels of causality.

What is a Spiritual Awakening

We as humans are just like the beings and creations that came before us that raised their consciousness and reached higher levels of vibrations and consciousness. If you want to learn more about them then read your Bibles, Torahs, Qurans, Vetas, , emerald tablets. It is all there and they all tell the same stories of hyper humans, gods (with a little ‘g’ ) and over humans.

Remember in your path their is one God, one truth and one path to freedom, it does not matter how you get there all that matters is that you get there. When you were part of the spiritual ephemeral flow in the universe, this is what you asked for yet you are that which has forgotten. And that is who humans are, that which has forgotten. Higher beings remember exactly what they asked for in this corporeal creation that we are in and you will too one day. Don’t give up on the eternal or unseen.

What you will go through during a spiritual awakening

For others it will be hard, because most of your life has dealt with the lower level world of egotistical wants and desires. In Arabic it is called the Dunya. Dunya, means the temporal realm or world and its earthly concerns and possessions. The literal meaning is — closer or lower, and if you have studied anything about the levels of creation you may realize that humans are closer to the earth than any other species besides what we have rule over ( plants and beast of burden).

Through your spiritual awakening you have now realized that there is a lot more to the existence than just our earthly desires and it makes you weep at what we and you have been dealing with for the existence of mankind.

There is a longing to familiarize yourself with that which is of spirit and more and more of this world becomes uninteresting to you, outside of that which is pure of creation. That is; human interaction becomes distant and that which was most exiting to you in this life becomes a dull murmur or at most a total turn off for you.

You’re right! and you are good!

Also, for some of us we may have taped into certain higher powers; knowing, connection to many, empathy or so many other things that we have forgotten that we as spirits have the capability of doing. I will not go into all of it because that is something that you have to figure out yourself.

What to do during your spiritual awaking

Find your safe place for a while. Study, meditate and seek wisdom. Wisdom is what made the sages, prophets and gods (little ‘g’) who they were. In solitude you will find creativity you will find enlightenment you will find your path and become firm within that.

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Remember this world is made up of multi-dimensions and you are never truly alone. Humans are but one creation in the time frame of the universe. You have the ability to call on those that came before you for help and assistance when the time comes and you are aware and wise. They are there just as a friend that will help you to move furniture :).

Be mindful — you are not special by any means. Learn humility. Because the beings that were here before us were just as we are and went through the same thing and they are at levels that you and I can not comprehend. There are people on this earth that will seem uneducated to what you see and understand. But there are even humans out there that look upon you as the same. So find balance and continue to grow and learn.

Seek wisdom — I will not tell you what to read and learn you have to find your own path to truth. But I will say that there are many schools of thoughts on the subject and much of which is in ancient wisdom. We think that we are the most intelligent creations on the planet. But we are not. There were many that came before us. And once we realize that we are not special then we realize that there are others that can be learned from and the history that has been fed to us is from a narcissistic point of view.

Seek gurus, seek teachers and seek wisdom.

You are not alone.

Tell us what you think leave a comment below and I will respond.

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Originally published at www.theemanata.com on November 21, 2018.

Writer and video producer for the conscious website https://www.fourthinitiate.com Podcast: https://fourthinitiate.buzzsprout.com/

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