The Master Key System Part 4 — Fourth Initiate

Charles F. Haanel


Enclosed herewith I hand you Part Four. This part will show you why what you think,
or do, or feel, is an indication of what you are.
Thought is energy and energy is power, and it is because all the religions, sciences
and philosophies with which the world has heretofore been familiar have been based
upon the manifestation of this energy instead of the energy itself, that the world has been
limited to effects, while causes have been ignored or misunderstood.
For this reason we have God and the Devil in religion, positive and negative in
science, and good and bad in philosophy.
The master key reverses the process; it is interested only in cause, and the letters
received from students tell a marvelous story; they indicate conclusively that students are
finding the cause whereby they may secure for themselves health, harmony, abundance,
and whatever else may be necessary for their welfare and happiness.
Life is expressive and it is our business to express ourselves harmoniously and
constructively. Sorrow, misery, unhappiness, disease and poverty are not necessities and
we are constantly eliminating them.
But this process of eliminating consists in rising above and beyond limitation of any
kind. He who has strengthened and purified his thought need not concern himself about
microbes, and he who has come into an understanding of the law of abundance will go at
once to the source of supply. It is thus that fate, fortune, and destiny will be controlled as
readily as a captain controls his ship, or an engineer, his train.


  1. The “I” of you is not the physical body; that is simply an instrument which the “I”
    uses to carry out its purposes; the “I” cannot be the Mind, for the mind is simply
    another instrument which the “I” uses with which to think, reason, and plan.


can use for the purpose of strengthening the will and realizing your power to
accomplish, is, “I can be what I will to be.”

  1. If you make use of this affirmation, use it continuously, night and morning, and as
    often during the day as you think of it, and continue to do so until it becomes a
    part of you; form the habit.

Originally published at on November 5, 2020.



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