8 sustainability podcasts to listen to this Earth Day

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Give your daily commute a boost by subscribing to an eco-friendly podcast. Not only do these podcasts make your drive pass by a little faster, but they will also keep you informed on the latest trends in sustainability — just in time for Earth Day. Here is a quick list of the best sustainability podcasts for your morning drive.

Sustainable Jungle

This podcast tackles current and future problems in the environmental realm. The hosts of the podcast, Lyall and Joy, tour the planet to discuss big issues with some of the world’s leaders in conservation, tackling issues like plastic waste, climate change and overconsumption, to name a few. Although the people they meet are focusing on different areas of conservation, they are all working together to build a better world.

Organic Healthy Life

This podcast is led by Nancy Addison and focuses on healthy eating. In each episode, Addison dives into recipes that are tailored to benefit the entire body and mind. According to Player FM, Addison’s clients have experienced substantial improvements to their health by following her advice. This includes weight loss and improved medical conditions.

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Addison is the author of several award-winning books, including Raising Healthy Children; Lose Weight, Get Healthy And Never Have To Go On A Diet Again; and How To Be A Healthy Vegetarian.

The Minimalists

Starring Ryan and Josh, The Minimalists podcast examines sustainability through a slightly different lens. Being minimalists, the pair often talk about how they live a more fulfilled life by decreasing what they own. They also discuss their impact on the environment and how modern living affects Earth’s delicate ecosystem. Ryan and Josh frequently take questions from the audience and offer an inside look at what it really means to be a minimalist.

My Ocean

The My Ocean podcast interviews leaders in the conservation community whose main focus is on preserving the ocean. This podcast will undoubtedly leave you inspired about the good in people while offering an interesting look at some of the problems facing our oceans today. If you are looking for feel-good stories about people making positive impacts on the oceans, this podcast is definitely for you.

The Adaptors

This podcast is for listeners who are looking for interesting twists on sustainability. The Adaptors frequently introduces ideas that are hypothetical and bordering on ridiculous, but they still make you think about sustainability in a different way. One of the common questions on the show is how environmentalists would adapt to some of the most damaging effects of climate change. Although the answers are sometimes outlandish, they are often inspirational.

Warm Regards

Warms Regards may be one of the most passionate podcasts on this list. The hosts often interview journalists and climate scientists who are dedicated to their work in a way most of us could only dream of being. The podcast focuses on climate change and the effects of global warming. This includes exploring ideas on how to deal with global warming and what might happen in the future if proper steps are not taken to deal with the issue.

Direct Current

Direct Current will appeal to those looking for environmental discussions with elements of comedy. The main topic on Direct Current is electricity and the many ways humans generate and use energy around the world. The discussions often feature human elements and explore new trends in technology that are driving the renewable energy revolution. Fast-paced and always fascinating, this podcast is perfect for those looking to solve old problems in unique and inventive ways.

Hippie Haven

Hippie Haven releases an episode every Wednesday, and each one is sure to teach you something new about sustainable living. Led by host Callee, this podcast interviews ordinary people who follow eco-friendly lives. The guests typically offer real-world solutions while telling people how they can get involved in the environmental community.

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The topics on Hippie Haven are diverse and include anything from becoming a vegan to building a tiny home. The topics change each week, so you never know where the conversation might take you. Being a long-time activist and small business owner, Callee also brings plenty of experience to the table and is never afraid to discuss even the most controversial of issues.

Mountain And Prairie

Mountain and Prairie could definitely be your next favorite podcast. Ed Roberson hosts the show and talks with a myriad of guests from the American West. The topics tend to focus on issues that ranchers and hunters face, but they always come back to conservation. Even if you are not an expert on the environment, you will find the discussions on this sustainability podcast both significant and illuminating.

Via Player FM, 1 Million Women and The Basic Goods

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